Who We Are

Sufficient Global Services (SGS) Limited

Sufficient Global Services (SGS) Limited is a Nigerian company, established to procure and dispose Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) products daily, on piecemeal and sub-bulk dispensation to upcoming intermediary middlemen, corporate, and individual end-users. The Group, with headquarters in Akure, has been diversely and severally involved in commodity trades, on national and international fronts, with warehouses in Lagos. As a result of existing connections and relationships, there have been opportunities of swift spread of the LPG sales network as many commodity buyers and suppliers, multi-relating church members, corporate establishments, and other forms of business acquaintances are already involved in periodic procurement of the LPG product.

SGS... God Our Sufficiency

We are generally dedicated to the economic development of Nigeria, primarily to assist the home fronts enjoy family comforts, and secondarily, to enhance prompt services at the proximate eateries, restaurants, and hotel outfits in the State, adjoining States, and neighborhoods. Sufficient Global Services (SGS) Limited is an LPG company that deals in the sales and delivery of LPG, Gas products and Accessories. We sell to customers at our gas plant; we also deliver gas products to Eateries, Hotels, Canteens, Institutions of Learning, Hospitals, Corporate Organizations and individuals at their various offices and homes in order to make life more convenient for them.

Our Products

  • We sell LPG in small and large quantities depending on how our customers want it.

  • We sell cylinders of varying capacities such as 3kg, 5kg, 6kg, 12.5kg, 20kg, 25kg and 50kg.

  • We sell cylinder accessories such as hoses, regulators, hose clips, burners etc. in wholesales and retails.

  • We supply various sizes of industrial cookers.

  • We sell table, standing and industrial cookers of various designs and sizes.